Our vision is to..."create patriotic, educated leaders"


Guided by this Vision, our Board of Directors and staff take great care to research and utilize curricular materials that will afford our students the greatest possible educational advantage. All of the curriculum and materials used comply with content standards established by the Idaho State Department of Education.

Core Knowledge is the foundation upon which our curriculum is built.


FOSS Science

Language Arts
Shurley English
Reading A-Z


Character Development
Our Character Development curriculum provides education in those areas that make it possible for our students to be the well-rounded, capable, informed, and involved leaders and citizenry our world needs. Our students learn the values of honesty, integrity, and hard work. They don't expect something for nothing, rather, they provide a service in exchange for goods and services. They are also taught principles of sound money-management at all grade levels.
Ron Clark's Essential 55
Great Expectations
Study of Heroes
We the People
Cowboy Ethics by James P. Owen

In addition to the programs listed above, students will have opportunities to learn and grow in exciting ways through extracurricular activities, such as, track, soccer, and other programs and activities as interest and resources dictate.
Wellness Policy and Procedures
Wellness Policy
Wellness Policy Procedures